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Determining Premises Liability

When you visit a business of some kind, you are justified in expecting the property to be properly maintained so that you and other visitors are not at risk for injuries. However, when premises owners fail to inform visitors of dangers or if they allow hazards to remain on the site, it can result in injury to you and those you love.

If you are hurt when visiting or shopping somewhere, you may be able to pursue compensation under premises liability law. However, determining premises liability can be complicated. First, property owners should warn you of any inherent dangers on the property. For instance, if the floor is being mopped, signs should be posted cautioning walkers of a slippery floor. Also, hazardous areas should be obviously cordoned off and well-marked as dangerous.

Additionally, other parties besides the property owner may be at fault. If the owner hired a contractor to perform a duty, and this contractor fails to prevent visitors from sustaining injuries, the contractor can be held liable for not doing his or her job properly. For example, if the property owner is paying a plumbing company to do some piping work, they might have to dig a hole. If they do not cordon off the hole, someone could fall in and injure himself or herself. Thus, the plumbing company may be at fault.

Other Factors in Premises Liability Cases

However, if you do not have permission to visit a property yet sustain an injury while at the location, you may not qualify for financial assistance from the premises owner.

As you can see, determining premises liability can be difficult because more than just the property owner may be held liable for an accident. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury such as a slip and fall on someone else’s property, you should speak to a lawyer about your legal rights.

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