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Types of Skull Fractures

Head injuries are a common source of disability and even death because they can cause severe and permanent damage to the brain. These types of injuries can occur in regular slip-and-fall accidents, as well as things such as blunt object trauma, contact sports, assault, and car wrecks. In these cases, we rely on our skull to help protect us from brain damage, but the skull itself can fracture and put us in even more danger.

There are several different forms of skull fractures, depending on the location or line of the break. The four main types of skull fractures include:

  • Linear – this type of fracture involves a break in the bone that does not actually move the bone. While patients might require a few hours of observation, they are often able to return to normal activity within a few days.
  • Diastatic – a diastatic fracture widens the cracks along our suture lines. These are the places where the bones of the head fused when we were children. Thus, newborns and kids are more at risk for reopening these lines of fusion.
  • Depressed – with this type of injury, part of the skull is actually sunken into the head. Surgery may be required to help fix the damage.
  • Basilar – this is the most serious type of skull fracture. It occurs at the base of the skull, which can result in a tear in the lining of the brain. People who suffer from basilar fractures usually need hospitalization for observation.

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